While meeting with 500 people one-on-one before the nomination many people have asked me why I want to be their MLA. This is what I tell them.

At my previous job I felt unfullfilled. I never felt like I contributed to society. I wanted to make the world around me better but I didn’t know how.

At the time I wasn’t involved in politics but my good friend was. Talking with him made me realize that every aspect of our lives are impacted by politics. That’s when I realized, if I wanted to make the world a better place, I could do so through politics.

But, I didn’t want to simply be involved in politics, I still wanted to be in a position where I could positively impact as many people as possible without increasing government spending.

That’s when I discovered that MLAs have two roles. The first is to pass bills, legislation and create policies. The second is a role – which is often overlooked by MLAs – is to be a community leader. The second role is one where a person can accomplish great things without increased government spending.

As a community leader I would work to empower and encourage the people of Red Deer to support our charities and non-profits because as your MLA I will be given the strength of all the voices of the people who elected me. I will be able to use my position as a representative of the people to promote groups like Hope Mission, Mustard Seed, 100 Men, and many others. Most importantly, as your representative, I will have access to the information that will allow me to accurately point out where the most pressing needs are simply because more people will come to me with that information. I want to be a community leader and encourage people by both my words and my example to make Red Deer a more prosperous and caring community.

Yes, I want to lower taxes, reduce regulations and to get Alberta’s economy back on track.  I truly believe that the best way to bring people out of poverty and give them hope is as strong economy; however, I know that regardless of economic many people are struggling.  I believe the most important role of any politician is promoting and participating in a strong civil society.  A community of people who look out for each other because they care, not because the government is forcing them to.

Along with meeting with 500 people from Red Deer North before the nomination, I am also reaching out to organizations that help others to find out how I can best help. Those organizations know what is needed more than I do and they know how I could help the most. If I am chosen as your MLA I will be working very closely with as many charities as I can.

Through the role as Red Deer North’s MLA I can help make this city better and help the greatest amount of people possible. This is the reason I want to be your MLA.