Since the NDP were elected in 2015 they have increased spending in almost every single ministry. Red Deer has seen the benefit of some of those funds with the new Gasoline Alley overpass and money towards a new courthouse.

But the major concern for Red Deer is our hospital.

The hospital was on Alberta Health Services’ list of priority projects in 2014 and 2015, prior to the NDP being elected, but was quite quickly removed. Alberta Health Services said Red Deer needs at least 96 more inpatient beds, 18 more beds in the emergency department and three more operating rooms.

This hospital expansion was estimated at $750 million dollars.

Now I understand not everything can be funded but let’s see what the NDP chose to spend $5.1 billion dollars on instead of a hospital.

  • $20 million to breweries
  • $75 million towards various companies through Economic Development
  • $500 million towards propylene facilities
  • $1.1 billion to end coal-fired electricity
  • $3.4 billion for renewable energy projects

Combined, the NDP could have paid for almost seven expansions.

Let that sink in.

Instead, the NDP chose to subsidize renewable energy (4.5 expansions) and phase out coal-fired electricity (1.5 expansions).

The cherry on top? All of these expenses were announced the same year the Red Deer Hospital was determined to not be a priority by the NDP.

Now, the question is whether or not it is a priority for Red Deer North’s MLA Kim Schreiner. According to Hansard there was only one instance where she mentioned the Red Deer hospital. And zero instances of her ever asking a question in the Legislature to advocate for the hospital. Additionally, there is not a single article before 2018 where Red Deer’s MLA has even written about the hospital.

I know one reason the Red Deer hospital never made it to the list of priorities: Red Deer does not have a MLA who advocated for our hospital.

This needs to change.

If I am the Red Deer North candidate for the UCP I promise to advocate relentlessly for our hospital expansion.

I will not make the same mistakes the NDP have and continue to make.