Being raised by two moms made “your mom jokes” not as funny since I always had to ask “which one?”

I thought I was pretty unique being raised by two moms. In fact, until Red Deer’s Pride in the Park event I had never met another person (other than my brother) with same sex parents. Then, to my surprise, I met three kids who all had two moms. I can’t express how happy that made me.

Couples approached me and asked how being raised by two moms impacted me since they wanted to have children. I told them that everyone but my wife thinks I turned out pretty normal.

The long version is little different. My father and mother were married and together for the first 4 years of my life. After that, I was raised by my mom and the nanny, AKA my other mom. I lived with my moms and saw my dad every other weekend and twice during the week.

As far as I could tell, my life was completely normal. That’s the beauty of being a child, normal is the only thing you know. I liked to read, enjoyed riding my bike, and was always playing video games with friends. I did my schoolwork, and I got in trouble lots as most little boys do. When I skinned my knee I had twice as many moms fawning over me to make sure I was OK, it was great and it was normal.

Unfortunately, while my life was normal, it wasn’t so for my moms. Twenty-five years ago was a different Alberta. My moms were not “out” and they had to hide their love for each other. It took them almost twenty years before they finally came out and married each other in a gorgeous ceremony.

The reason it took them so long is because they were afraid of the backlash from the public. They were also afraid that my brother and I would disown them. Nothing could be further from the truth. My brother and I absolutely adore our moms. We are the luckiest boys ever to have two moms that love us as much as they do.

Because of the love I have for my moms I want to make sure that the Alberta they live in continues to be accepting and inclusive. To do this I have reached out to the Central Alberta Pride board to ask them to help develop a policy that protects the liberties of all Albertans, including the LGBTQ community.

I intend to run for the United Conservative Party candidate position in Red Deer North. Currently, the UCP does not have a single policy, on anything. Policy will be determined by the members who have the opportunity to submit and vote on these policies.

I intend to take the policy that the Central Alberta Pride board will (hopefully) help me develop and submit it to the UCP for members to vote on.

I want to make sure Alberta continues to be a place where new parents want to raise their children regardless of who they love. I want to make sure that children here in Alberta can have a normal life, just like me.

Cole Edgar Kander