People have told me they have reservations about backing a party (let alone running for a party) that does not have any policies in place. Those people who won’t put their name forward for the UCP nominations only because polices are not in place do not understand this party.

This party is a party of the people. A party created and founded on what the members want, not what candidates, MLAs, or “elites” want. Our vision as a party was made clear when we elected a leader who ran on the Grassroots Guarantee. That guarantee ensures that YOU, the member, are in charge. Jason Kenney and his guarantee are just some of the reasons why I have put my name forward before UCP polices are known.

I put my name forward because I believe in democracy

I believe that the members should be and will be in charge of this party. As a MLA it is my duty to represent your desires and needs, not my wants and wishes.

The United Conservative Party will create polices in the most democratic way possible. Those that believe in democracy will have no problem putting their names forward to be a candidate.

As someone who has spent countless hours working within the party, talking to the members, and meeting with the people I know that this will be a party I will support. I know that this party will stand for lower taxation, less regulations, and smaller government. All other polices will fall in place behind these free enterprise values.

I may not agree with every single policy passed by the membership, but no one will. What I agree with is representing a party that was created by the people and for the people. Finally, what I will promise is that I will support the policies created, put forward, and passed by you, the member.

The United Conservative Party is driven by a vision to be our party, not my party.