At the time of writing this blog, I have sat down with over 65 (now 300) constituents from Red Deer North for one-on-one meetings. Usually, the first question asked in these meetings is: What experience do you have?

It’s a great question, one that I expected would come when I decided to run for MLA.

Before I ever put my name forward for MLA I spent nearly a decade making sure that I knew how government works both theoretically and realistically. I wanted to know how a party operates, how successful campaigns are structured, and what separates the good elected officials from bad elected officials.

Over the years I have striven to hold as many positions in the government and within the conservative movement to ensure that I would have the experience needed to be the best MLA for Red Deer North.

To answer that question, here is a condensed version of my political experience.

  • Door knocker
  • Phone Banker
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Director at Large on a Constituency Association
  • President of a Constituency Association
  • Executive Assistant for MP Blaine Calkins in Ottawa
  • Central and Northern Support Director for the Wildrose in the 2015 general election
  • Unity Promoter working on the Unity Campaign for the Wildrose side
  • Legislative Assistant for various MLAs such as Ron Orr, Derek Fildebrandt, Grant Hunter, and Prasad Panda over almost three years
    • I focused on policy research and stakeholder outreach for the Wildrose and UCP on the Finance, Labour, Economic Development, and Culture & Tourism files
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies from the University of Alberta

Before I ran, I wanted to make sure that I knew how government and politics works so that I could be a better representative for you.

Now, I will let YOU decide if I have what it takes to be your MLA for Red Deer North.

Next week I will answer the question that always follows this one: Why did you want to run for MLA?