I have been a conservative all my life. I was born into a conservative household, raised a conservative, went through Alberta’s university system as a conservative, and worked for the conservative opposition party for almost three years.

I have stayed a conservative for the fiscal side of it. Smaller government, balanced budgets, and fiscal transparency are what drives me.

I am a fiscal conservative. I won’t bring legislation forward that interferes with your personal life. I won’t use the government to create social legislation. Yet, if a social issue arises that threatens to take away the freedom of an Albertan, I will not stop until that freedom is protected.

I will protect religious freedom. I will fight tooth and nail against anything that would prevent you from believing in the religion of your choice. I will fight for you to worship whoever and however you choose. I will fight for you to raise your children in the belief system that you want them raised in.

I will protect economic freedom. Lower taxes and smaller government will give you economic freedom which will in turn allow you to support the social issues that you value most. Your money should be yours to freely do as you see fit. This freedom will allow you to donate to organizations like Hope Mission, the Pregnancy Care Center, Turning Point, the Mustard Seed, your local church, or any group that helps humanity in the way you value most.

I will protect education freedom. I will do everything I can to ensure that no one takes away your freedom to choose the education system that you feel is the best. The freedom to choose public school, charter school, home school, private school, or religious school is one of the greatest freedoms we have here in Alberta and I will not simply fight to make sure it stays that way but to enhance it.

I will protect individual freedom. This is the most important freedom that I will protect. Your freedom to be who you are. To express yourself how you want. To be safe and sure that no one will harm you. Your life, your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness are more valuable to me than anything else.

I am a fiscal conservative and my focus will be to bring back a booming Alberta economy. But, if anything threatens the freedoms of Albertans, I will fight to make sure your freedoms are always your freedoms.