Kander’s Candor

Town Hall Promise

October 18, 2018

Over the last 11 months I have done everything possible to ensure that I am listening to the issues that matter to you. I have had over 350 one-on-one meetings with you, the people of Red Deer. During those meetings I wanted to know what you want me to concentrate on, what you want me […]

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What you need to know in order to vote.

October 10, 2018

Voting day is almost upon us. On October 27th you will get to pick who represents the United Conservative Party for Red Deer North. Whoever wins this nomination vote will go up against the NDP in the 2019 election. Here are the details you need to know in order to vote: Where Balmoral Bible Chapel, […]

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Looking for Policies?

August 5, 2018

Every post in my blog contains my policies in a way that gives the reader some background information relating to how I came to believe in the policy. But, the titles are not always clear as to which polices are in which blog. Below are somefrequently looked for policy questions with links to the relevant […]

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Harry Potter has Created Inequality

July 1, 2018

Like most kids growing up, I loved Harry Potter. I read every book, watched every movie and even played the video games. I am sure over the course of the Harry Potter series my parents probably spent thousands of dollars on the franchise for me and my brother. Because of my desires, every time my […]

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Freedom of Religion

June 26, 2018

If I am elected as your MLA I will be representing people from over 20 different major religions. Red Deer has a large and thriving religious community, all of whom are committed to making the world a better place. My goal will be to ensure that everyone can freely practice and partake in the religion […]

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June 12, 2018

I have been honored to receive several endorsements from true Conservative political figures. Each of these people have endorsed me because they believe I am the best choice for Red Deer North. Here is a list of those who have endorsed me so far. Click on their names to go to view more information. Jeff […]

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Parental Choice in Education

May 10, 2018

Protecting parental choice in education is near and dear to my heart. My Story From grade four all the way to graduation I was home schooled. My father taught in the public school system his entire life, mostly here in Red Deer. Even still, my parents wanted to educate me in an environment that catered […]

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Alberta needs more pipelines! [VIDEO]

April 3, 2018

Alberta is the economic engine of Canada. The fact that we have a government that is unwilling to stand up for our pipelines is disheartening. We need a conservative government that is wiling to stand up for our oil and gas industry. We need change in 2019!  

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150 Stories

March 8, 2018

Red Deer has told me 150 different stories from 150 different people from 150 different backgrounds. Each of those stories gave me a better picture of what this city is and what this city needs. Today, I would like to share four stories with you that outline some of the major issues I hear in […]

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A party of the people

February 22, 2018

People have told me they have reservations about backing a party (let alone running for a party) that does not have any policies in place. Those people who won’t put their name forward for the UCP nominations only because polices are not in place do not understand this party. This party is a party of […]

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Minimum wage doesn’t help the poor, this policy does

February 14, 2018

When the NDP raised minimum wage in 2015, they did so with the intent to reduce poverty.  Yet, group after group, after group says that raising minimum wage does not reduce poverty. I want to actually help the impoverished. We help in a way that actually puts more money in people’s pockets instead of putting […]

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I support the flat tax

February 6, 2018

Three of the major reasons I support the UCP are for the smaller government, less regulations, and lower taxes. Today, I would like to talk about why I believe we should return to a flat tax rate. I believe that a lower taxation rate encourages investment into Alberta which creates jobs and increases our taxation […]

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Why I want to be your MLA

January 22, 2018

While meeting with 500 people one-on-one before the nomination many people have asked me why I want to be their MLA. This is what I tell them. At my previous job I felt unfullfilled. I never felt like I contributed to society. I wanted to make the world around me better but I didn’t know […]

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January 15, 2018

At the time of writing this blog, I have sat down with over 65 (now 300) constituents from Red Deer North for one-on-one meetings. Usually, the first question asked in these meetings is: What experience do you have? It’s a great question, one that I expected would come when I decided to run for MLA. […]

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I am a Fiscal Conservative

January 8, 2018

I have been a conservative all my life. I was born into a conservative household, raised a conservative, went through Alberta’s university system as a conservative, and worked for the conservative opposition party for almost three years. I have stayed a conservative for the fiscal side of it. Smaller government, balanced budgets, and fiscal transparency […]

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Raised by Two Moms

August 19, 2017

Being raised by two moms made “your mom jokes” not as funny since I always had to ask “which one?” I thought I was pretty unique being raised by two moms. In fact, until Red Deer’s Pride in the Park event I had never met another person (other than my brother) with same sex parents. […]

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Advocating for a Hospital

August 11, 2017

Being elected as the MLA does not mean one is granted a magic wand to wave to fix problems and build hospitals. My last note I said that I would advocate for the hospital expansion. I would like to go into more details what that would mean. Over the last two and a half years […]

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NDP Priorities ≠ Red Deer Hospital

August 4, 2017

Since the NDP were elected in 2015 they have increased spending in almost every single ministry. Red Deer has seen the benefit of some of those funds with the new Gasoline Alley overpass and money towards a new courthouse. But the major concern for Red Deer is our hospital. The hospital was on Alberta Health […]

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August 1, 2017

We did it! Conservatives have united by saying yes louder than anyone expected. After spending countless hours on the yes campaign with Unity Now, I can say I have never been happier to see a goal achieved as when I saw 95% of members vote ‘yes’ for unity. But, now that we have a United […]

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