Being elected as the MLA does not mean one is granted a magic wand to wave to fix problems and build hospitals.

My last note I said that I would advocate for the hospital expansion. I would like to go into more details what that would mean.

Over the last two and a half years I have worked as a Legislative Assistant for Legacy Wildrose portfolios such as Economic Development and Trade, Labour, Culture and Tourism, as well as Finance. Throughout this time I have seen how government functions and how projects are decided upon.

One example of advocating for a project was crafting a proposal for an interchange expansion for a busy road near a school to lessen the traffic in order to protect children.

It involved extensive research into traffic rules, traffic patterns in the area, how other areas have handled similar problems, consultations with the community, what is the most cost effective way to solve the problem, and much more. After months of research, the MLA I worked for was granted a meeting with the Minister to advocate for this change. What followed was a great presentation by him, city councilors, and myself. Ultimately, the MLA was successful in this proposal! The change was cheaper than the current proposal and ended up making the lives of children much safer.

I use that example as a way to explain what it means when I say I will advocate for the Red Deer hospital expansion. The hospital expansion will be much more difficult than an interchange expansion.

Choosing me to represent Red Deer North will not magically begin construction on the hospital.

But, I will not stop advocating until it is built.

It will be hard work. It will involve extensive consultations with the community in order to gather data, details, and support. It will involve long hours of getting the right people on our side. It will involve presenting to ministers why this expansion deserves to be a top priority for Alberta Infrastructure. It will not be easy.

As they say, the greatest things in life are never easy.

I will not give up until it happens and until Red Deer has the health services it desperately needs.

Stay tuned for how I will advocate for a healthier Red Deer and a more charitable Red Deer.